Our customers benefit every day from the efficiencies and competitive advantage P3Software provides. Designed to be scalable and affordable, P3Software is uniquely accessible to all types and sizes of organizations, including:
  • Financial services
  • Medical, pharmaceutical, and insurance providers
  • Colleges and universities
  • Government agencies
  • Retail chains
  • Printers, brokers and in-plants
  • Design firms and advertising agencies
  • And much more
The best part: P3Software customers see an average of 18% to 24% savings year over year

"We appreciate the constant support from Caleb and Bob. Its never too much effort to get in touch and talk things through if there is a problem, regardless of the time difference."
- Stephanie Flynn, Bendigo-Adelaide Banks AU

"If you are in the business of making print buying decisions, I highly recommend making P3SOURCE your all-in-one print procurement system. Once you start, you will wish you had done so a long time ago. It is a real time saver, well worth the cost"
- Joseph Clark, Ziggi Marketing US

"P3SOURCE is essential to the operation of any brokerage because it manages the process. Imagine a travel agent or stockbroker without a computer-based system. One can't be without it"
- Vince Mallardi, Chairman, Print Broker/Buyer Association

"For us P3SOURCE has been the difference between being in business and not. It is a company whose ownership and staff have truly walked the walk and understand the needs of an efficient time saving yet detailed print management system that's not tied to an expensive and one dimensional printing workflow"
- John Ball, Ball Media CA

"Before using P3, we were creating quotes and orders in spreadsheets. P3SOURCE has significantly improved our processes by storing all our job and pricing data in one place. We are able to duplicate jobs, submit quotes and orders to multiple vendors quickly and pull many helpful reports. P3Software customer service is also very helpful and quick to respond. P3Software has met and exceeded my expectations!"
- Melissa Carter, Production Services Manager

"Not only has P3Source saved me time but allowing my outsource vendors to just click and respond to RFQ's has saved them time as well. It is also much easier to do job/price comparisons than when we did it manually."
- Steve Henry, Print Buyer

"We use P3Software technology on a daily basis for all of UNICEF UK's print procurement purposes. It is an extremely effective tool which allows us to instantly compare quotes, boost savings and create a cloud-based print archive. It is invaluable."
- Mel Collister, Unicef UK

"I buy and sell print for a living and have done so for nearly 20 years. I have been running my company using the P3SOURCE System since 2008 and it has saved me huge amounts of time and money"
- Mark Orr, The Printing and Mailing Co. Ltd UK